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Okay, it’s not a blog, it’s a website, but “Mama’s got a brand new website,” doesn’t have the same ring. My mom, Eve Stuart, is now officially a resident of the World Wide Google. Go visit her website, here and then, if you’re free tomorrow or over the weekend, check out her NYC photography debut at the High Line Open Studios.

Tonight through Sunday, more than 100 New York artists are opening their doors for an exclusive peek inside their private work spaces as part of the High Line Open Studios 2009, and my mom is one of them!


FRIDAY (16th) 6-9pm
SATURDAY(17th) – SUNDAY(18th) 12-6pm

My mom’s work will be here: 508 West 26th Street Studio 5A. Come check it out.

This is what a visit to the High Line looks like:

Free coffee will be served at the Greeting Center (526 West 26th Street) and the Standard Hotel Plaza. Download a map of participating studios here.


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