Madras Press Has Got You Covered

Pt. 3 in the ‘Remember When I Thought There Were No Existing Outlets for Novellas, Etc’ saga.

Madras Press ups the ante by not only publishing lovely novellas and short stories and distributing them to a bunch of bookstores in the U.S., but also gives all the proceeds to a charity chosen by the author of whichever book you’re buying.
You know how you were going to throw some money at a charity in someone’s name this holiday season? While now you can buy the whole (current) Madras catalogue for $26 dollars, get that lucky person four books AND give to four different charities (InsideOUT Writers, Riverkeeper, Helping Hands and the Theodore Payne Foundation). And sure, the holidays are over pretty soon, but we’re going to need some warm reads to get us through January and February over here.

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