I’m honored to be included in this amazing anthology about bad love and broken relationships. Love is a Four Letter Word edited by the incomparable, Michael Taeckens, of Algonquin Books, is having a launch party this Wednesday at Housing Works on Crosby Street. I’ll be reading alongside others. Info here.

Meanwhile, over at the Daily Beast, John Douglas Marshall, has some things to say about the collection.

And over at Amazon, where you can buy the book, one of my favorite reviews is a scathing one by a dude named Tim Lieder. I think you’ll enjoy his review almost as much as I did… Look for this lede…

Most of these idiots deserve to be single forever, July 21, 2009 By Tim Lieder “Founder of Dybbuk Press” (New York, NY) – See all my reviews

Seems strange to me that a guy who lists one of his favorite books as “Badass Horror,” and created a Listmania titled, “bring on some sweet zombie loving,” wouldn’t connect with a collection about human beings who like, have emotions and feel real things and shizz. (Tim, the tone that’s lost here is sarcasm. In case you review this blog post or something).


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