Let’s clear something up…

The Happy Ending bar is a bar on Broome Street. The Happy Ending Series is a music and literary series at Joe’s Pub. They both have the same name. That’s confusing. The Happy Ending bar also has some literary series’ of its own. That adds to the confusion. When you are reading at the Happy Ending bar on Broome Street, you are not reading at the Happy Ending Series at Joe’s Pub. The series’ at the Happy Ending Bar have their own names and none of those names are “The Happy Ending Series.” So, if you are reading at the Happy Ending bar, please specify the name of the series you’re reading in so there is no confusion. And, if you are reading in The Happy Ending Series, you should not tell people you are reading at the Happy Ending bar.

All clear?

This has irritated me for over a year. Now that it’s off my chest, I feel a little better.


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  1. Noble Drusus Avatar
    Noble Drusus

    Why don't you just change the name of your reading series?

  2. Amanda Stern Avatar
    Amanda Stern

    Probably for the same reason that I don't change my first name. It's how people know me; it's how people know the series. Living with it is probably the healthiest and best way to go!

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