HERS-alum Jonathan Caouette’s short film All Flowers In Time will be shown tomorrow night before Hong Sang-soo’s Oki’s Movie–get tickets for both here!  I believe we got a glimpse of All Flowers In Time–a “psychological fever dream nightmarish short” featuring Chloe Sevigny and a pair of glowing red eyeballs–when Jonathan presented part of a collection of short films based on dreams and nightmares, made by a slew of experimental film bold-names, at Happy Ending’s ‘FILM NIGHT.’  They were all really good–creepy and dark and playful and STRANGE–and I’m excited that the rest of the world now gets a chance to peek Jonathan’s contribution.

Check out the North American premiere of All Flowers In Time tomorrow night, September 30th, at 6:00pm at Lincoln center.

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