We here over at Happy Ending are very happy when our authors are validated, feted and revered accordingly. That is why we are over the moon happy with the New York Times today. Their 10 Best Books of the year include A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD, and rightly so.

While we (sorry to implicate you, Kayla by “we-ing,” especially since it’s really my fault) are woefully behind in posting about shows (this will change in the coming weeks with the new website) we never forget the chances people take onstage and the energy, time and devotion put into each reading, risk and song. For her risk, Jennifer Egan drew portraits of everyone while they read. No one knew she was doing this of course, she did it at her table, on her lap, during the show, while people read, sang and hosted.

Here is the portrait she drew of me:


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