It’s a three-for-all

When the National Book Award nominees were announced I was thrilled to see that three Happy Ending Series veterans were included: Lydia Davis, Jim Shepard and Joshua Ferris.

I was equally as thrilled to see Happy Ending Series readers Charles Bock and Lauren Groff make it onto the New York Times Best Seller list this month, and now, David Shields, who will be reading on March 12th just emailed to tell me he, too, will be on the list right before his reading. So that makes 3.

And now, I’ve heard that THREE Happy Ending Series veterans have been nominated for the LA Times Book Award: Tom Bissell, Ellen Litman and Rebecca Curtis.

Let’s hope this is a trend. Then I can change the name to Happy Trending Reading Series.

Maybe one day I can read at the Happy Ending Series and get nominated for something. Doubtful though, the girl who runs it is really picky.


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