Is RT the new published?

I was explaining to someone last night the Twitter, RT. In my explanation I said that RT’ing was just another way of re-publishing someone else’s tweets: non-plagiarism, let’s say. During the explanation I realized that I love being RT’d. It makes me feel quoted, published even, I joked. And that’s when the jokiness bloomed and I started to faux-brag that I’m really well published. I started to wonder whether this idea of mine: “Is RT’ing the new published?” would get RT’d in some form. Will someone read this and think, “that’s a good idea for an article?” and then go ahead and write it, without RTing the original source? Probably not. If they were smart, they’d RT my title in their title.

RT: Is RT the new published?

And now, I am micro-managing your RT’s from my kitchen table.


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