Intern Post-Show Recap: Crisis&Suburbia

CRISIS: waking up with serious kate gosselin bedhead.


I have a knack for crises, as November 11th’s show and this morning proved. You see, I put together a little suburban video comp to play in the background of Crisis&Suburbia nite, had the cd all ready to go, but apparently this disc did something to piss off computers in a past life, because no device would play it. I had to admit defeat and explain the entire vid onstage–to a VERY sympathetic audience, I should add (whoever cooed, “Ohh, it’s alright!”–I love you. You’re great.).

Everyone else seemed to have a pretty smooth run that night. Kaiser Cartel sounded great (and were hella cute, let’s be honest). Victor Lodato may have almost knocked an audience member unconscious with a music stand, but he was too heliumated to notice, and I was too enthralled with his reading to care. Lauren Grodstein juxtaposed a superbly down-trodden excerpt from her novel A Friend of the Family with a bubbly postcard she received from a not-quite-stranger in Amsterdam. We were “impressed,” too, Lauren. Paul Rudnick performed the monologue that opens his, The New Century, painfully funny and inspired in part by his late mother, who was clearly quite a woman.

Alright, I’m going to go fix my “backwards mullet” hair situation. See you on Dec. 2nd for Film Night with John Cameron Mitchell and Jonathon C-A-O-U-E-[and sometimes Y!]-TTE!


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