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I know that right now, while you’re at work, at home, in a cafe, on a gurney, driving, getting your nails done, watching Millionaire Matchmaker, procrastinating, babysitting, tooling around with your settings and preferences in Gmail, putting Tinkers in your checkout cart on Amazon, buying tickets for the next Happy Ending, moving your furniture around to see if it makes you any happier, reading a self-help book using “The Fountainhead” as a decoy cover, wondering where you can take all your spare change and get it counted without having to pay a percentage to the counter, delaying a trip to the post office, wondering when the mail will arrive, ordering another double soy white flat, wishing someone would invent self-cleaning clothing, remembering that you forgot someone’s birthday, remembering that you forgot to pay taxes, remembering that you haven’t paid your bills in a very long time, are wondering…what can I get rid of in my home and/or office that Amanda Stern and the Happy Ending Music and Reading Series might make be able to use?

Well, you’re in luck because I have some ideas!

If you have something that shreds paper and looks vaguely like this:

Then, you’re in luck because The Happy Ending Series desperately needs a paper shredder!

If you have something else that looks like it might weigh envelopes and resembles this:

Then, you’re in luck all over again, because the Happy Ending Series needs a postal scale!

So, if you have anything like this that you’re done with and want to pay it forward, please consider the Happy Ending Series as a repository for them. We will also welcome any other sort of office-based materials, designed to make office life easier. Let me know by leaving me a comment!


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey Amanda,

    Have you checked out Materials for the Arts? I don't know if there's a lot of bureaucracy involved, but you might want to look into it:


  2. Amanda Stern Avatar
    Amanda Stern

    Thanks, Em! I have yes and there IS a lot of bureaucracy involved, which I've been attending to for months. But hopefully, once I'm cleared there will be things there like shredders and postal scales!!!

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