I won my first ever, first-ever award!

Okay, first off I am woefully behind on posting pictures from past shows. My blog and website are both currently undergoing changes to make uploading things easier for semi-incompetent people like myself.

I will blog about last night’s show starring John Cameron Mitchell and Jonathan Caouette, soon (it was ridiculously amazing). But first, I need to do just a little bit of bragging.

I WON SOMETHING, SORT OF! Click here for proof!

Charles McNair, Paste Magazine‘s Books editor has, for whatever reason, decided that I deserve an award, but since an award doesn’t exist for what I do – he made one up! Can you believe that? That’s like…very hard to believe and yet, it just happened, so unless you just don’t want to believe it because it’s too hard to believe, you can believe it!

My friend, Arthur Phillips sent me the link this morning! I didn’t even know about it!


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