I still suck

I am awaiting photos from last week’s Happy Ending, which does not preclude me from posting about the actual event. I’m slow-witted, so it’s taken me this long to realize this morsel of fact. Also I’ve been overwhelmed by work for which I’m not getting paid nearly enough.

So – last Wednesday’s show (1/23): The place was filled to capacity. Everyone was inordinately attractive. People talked shit, swapped spit.

Luke Temple played three songs. His voice sounds a bit like Jeff Buckley and some of his melodies are reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens. OR Sufjan Stevens’ melodies sound a bit like Luke Temple and Jeff Buckley sounded like him, too. I bought his cd. I cannot stop playing the song, “Medicine.”

Trinie Dalton took off her clothes and read a story. Now, when she says she was taking her clothes I imagined nudity. She imagined something underoos (which were damn cute). She read in silver leggings, print underwear and a long sleeved undershirt.

Carl Wilson read from his amazing Celine Dion book and talked about tearing up every time he heard a certain couple of songs. He said he can’t get through hearing them without welling up, even when he is singing the songs himself. So he asked two people from the audience to come up and hold his hands while he sang “John Riley” and it was exquisite, poignant, beautiful and everyone welled up.

We took a break.

Luke Temple played three more songs and one cover. Shit – what was the name of his cover? I’ll remember when I’m sleeping <----that's me, not the song title. Charles Bock read from his new book, Beautiful Children and had the audience sing along to a song. What was the name of that song? I’ll remember it when I’m sleeping <---me again. All in all it was an amazing night. Everyone was really in it, involved, invested, spirited. I want to do another night really soon. Oh wait – I do them all the time! Next one: 2/13 with Jonathan Fuqua, Janice Erlbaum, Lauren Groff and Mike Errico. I hope you come.



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    I’m gonna give you til the morning comes to remember that song title.

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