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I am getting married!

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At least, that’s what Google Alerts tells me.

Apparently, I’ll be marrying a fella named Matthew Dzwilefsky (I’m so not changing my last name, dude.) I’m really glad that I was alerted to my impending nuptials because there are a lot of things I’d like to register for. I definitely want to own an apartment, so I’m going to register for that. I don’t know where Matthew wants to live, but he’s welcome to register for his own apartment. I’m also going to register for a steady income. It doesn’t really matter where the money comes from, just so long as it’s steady.

I’ve also been alerted to my personal wedding website, which is hosted by the wedding channel. I’m a little disappointed that Matthew couldn’t spring for a hosting site with more exciting features, but I guess that’s just the kind of guy I’m marrying. Also, I read the “Our Story” section on our website and, out of a score of 10, I’m going to give the “how we got engaged” story a 3.4. I would have preferred something a little more creative and also, he popped the damn question right in the middle of Gossip Girl and now I don’t know what happened with Jenny and Eric!

All in all, I’m just glad someone told me that I’m getting married in July 2010, because I was going to apply to Yaddo for that time period. Maybe I’ll just honeymoon there, instead.


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