I am clear, as in transparent and see-through, not lucid.

All right peeps, it’s been slow going over here at the headquarters of Amanda Stern Central, but I believe I’m back up and running. Do you know the worst feeling in the world (outside of catatonic depression and endless sorrow)? Feeling so far behind your own work that it’s paralyzing. That’s sort of how I feel. Computer crashes are sad and destabilizing and that in itself is sad and destabilizing. I swear to you that I felt invisible without my computer or my blackberry. I honestly felt like I was not part of the world in any concrete way. But I was and I am and here is some evidence…FROM HALLOWEEN….

Well, actually — I guess I still don’t exist because the three times I’ve tried to load a photo I get an error message.

So be it.

Evidence to come later.


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