Holy Christ.

Holy crap!

I am one of the weirdos who liked Imitation of Christ. I believe there are Tara Subkoff/Chloe Sevigny people and Rachel McAdam/Keira Knightly people. You are one or the other. The rare person is both. I’m Tara/Chloe. Though, to be fair, if I heard Rachel or Keira had a benign brain tumor, I’d probably be pretty upset about that, too. And, to be fair again, I’m only upset about this at all (because I don’t know this person) because I’m overly identifying with my own brain tumor fears. But still…Jesus.

From PAGE SIX...

THE fashion world is reeling over the news that 36-year-old designer Tara Subkoff has a brain tumor. Although, fortunately, it’s benign, such a tumor could be fatal within two years if not treated. Subkoff, who co- founded the now-defunct Imitation of Christ label — a favorite of Scarlett Johansson and Chloe Sevigny — is expected to be operated on next month. Friends of Subkoff will auction off artwork and 200 pieces of Imi tation of Christ cou ture from her personal collec tion July 15 at Jeffrey Deitch’s Grand Street space to help raise money for the operation and recov ery costs. A rep for Subkoff had no comment.


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