Holly Miranda Holly Miranda

For us lucky New Yorkers, Holly Miranda is all over the Brooklyn and Manhattan this summer. In case you missed her at Happy Ending, she’s the girl with the ridic pipes who turned both Amanda and I into blushing schoolgirls.

She’ll be at Littlefield tomorrow night (July 7th), tickets are $8 bucks, but brooklynvegan’s holding a giveaway contest, so get on that. Then, Aug. 5th, she plays a freebie as part of Prospect Park’s Celebrate Brooklyn series. Thennnn Sunday, Aug. 8th she plays Vivo in Vino, a cozy wine bar-inhabiting music series in the Village. Tickets (here) are $30 bucks, which includes a 4-glass tasting of whatever wine they’ve paired with Miranda (Chateau Total Fox, presumably).
Summer’s pretty great, huh? Don’t miss out.

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