Happy New Years – 5 Days Late!

Laurie brought us to some whacked out party where the goody bags were filled with Vitamins! And that’s not a euphemism! They were really TRULY vitamins: B12, D3 and other interesting letter number pairings. DJC and I played pool and I whupped his Irish arse. We spoke to literally no new people – except for Sarah J, whom I loved – peed a bunch, drank nothing, blew some horns, spun some shizzies, ate some chinese food, waited to get my tarot read, looked for chocolate, wondered why all the women looked exactly the same and then, grabbed our goody bag, headed for the subway, avoided getting killed in the token New Years Eve street fight, got greeted by a drunken trio of skanks, arrived home safely and then stayed up until 4am.


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