Happy New Year from the Happy Ending Reading Series

DSC_1821, originally uploaded by HERS Photo.

Here’s Chip Kidd singing with Artbreak. This was their debut as a band and they killed. I’ll post more pictures from this, and other, events soon. 2008 I vow to be a better photo blogger. I vow to be more attentive to the needs of my blog. I might even write about things that happen outside of the series, things I do or see. Most likely these will be cultural things related to art. For instance, I might say that Juno is overrated. That for the first half hour I wondered when James van der Beek and Katie Holmes would appear to begin deconstructing a Steven Soderbergh movie or something. It got better, but my vote is for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I might say something like that if I started to blog.


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  1. very funny. I had the same Dawson’s Creek flashback. Where are teenagers that clever and funny all the time? It took me at least another decade to become so snappy.

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