Happy Ending wins Spiegeltent’s heart

Amanda Stern lays down the law at Spiegeltent 2011

For all our loyal fans who weren’t able to join us in the magical land of Annandale-on-Hudson for a very special summer campified edition of the Happy Ending Music and Reading Series, here are some photos of our joyous takeover of Bard’s Spiegeltent Series, and the raging disco after party that followed. We’re happy to say that we’ve successfully gained a new Happy Ending following upstate, and that we’re 75% serious about opening up a Happy Ending themed retreat (Dirty Dancing meets Yaddo?) somewhere between those tall, tall pines. Enjoy!

We took advantage of the train ride to get in a little extra research for the show.
Amanda explains the new catchphrase “Last night of the festival” to the audience. Ex: When breaking up with someone, say “Sorry dude, but tonight’s the last night of the festival.”
Cynthia Hopkins dazzles with an accordion and two brand new songs
Rebecca Wolff reads a suspenseful excerpt from Beginners
 Paul LaFarge shared some of his forthcoming Luminous Airplanes, and then proved himself the ultimate rebel with his risk: he downed a smuggled-in beer onstage, despite having been banished from the Spiegeltent (forever) six years earlier, for committing the very same act of daredevilry. Cheers!
Mary Caponegro is officially the queen of Mind over Matter. Here, she reads a hilarious story from All Fall Down, while suffering from a monster migraine! That bag next to her? For in case things got worse, which, thank goodness, they didn’t.
After the performances, guest stormed the dance floor for one of the biggest after party ragers of Happy Ending history

It was an amazing evening, I tell ya, and massive thanks go out to all our artists and audience members. Before you click through to the rest of your day, make sure to watch this soothing cover/sing-along by songstress. Cynthia Hopkins:



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