Guys, Elyssa East–author of DOGTOWN: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town, out on paperback today!!–is the REAL DEAL.  I definitely wouldn’t cross her on the whole bets/risks/dares front, because she will mop the floor with you.  She will see your little public risk and raise you a pirate ship, and then she will videotape it all for your blog just so that everyone knows who’s boss in this whole scenario.  Let’s just pray she doesn’t doubledogdare us to do something back.  We’d be so screwed.

Watch the video below to see Elyssa with “A Surly Gloucester Crew,” and don’t forget to celebrate Dogtown’s paperback release by buying a copy today!
A Surly Gloucester Crew from Zarathustra Jones on Vimeo.


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