GUEST BLOGGER: Carolita Johnson

Today, guest blogger–and New Yorker cartoonist getting up on stage this Wednesday at HERS–Carolita Johnson gives us a lesson in correlation. Take heed, cartoonists, writers, and really anyone that has a job they can temporarily shelve in favor of a good book–your Kindle is out to eat your wages.

Kindle & Cartoon Production
Well, wouldn’t you know it. I have found a direct relationship between reading eBooks on the subway and cartoon production levels. The more whodunnits I read on my way to my day job, the less cartoons I produce. This became evident when quite a long time passed during which I was only able to rehash old cartoon ideas rather than come up with any new ones. Actually, it became evident when I ran out of Raymond Chandler to read. Because then I ran out of Dashiell Hammett to read. And then I ran out of Bradley-Chase to read. And then I ran out of Parker to read. And then I ran out of Girl with Dragon Tattoo series books to read. And then… well, you get the picture. I got addicted. And Kindle makes it so easy to get book after book after book. It’s like some kind of a pusher. C’mon, the book only cost 99 cents, get a few. And it’s so easy. I get the books right on my iPhone. There’s a whole library in my pocket. And reading’s good, right? Everybody says that. Even reading under the covers at night till 2am is looked on as kind of cute. Who’d think I was damaging my career by reading? Well, one day I finally was at a loss as to who to download next and had nothing to read for a whole week. Cartoon production spiked. That clinched it. I put the kabosh on the mysteryreading except for on the elliptical at the gym. Trying to figure out who killed the wealthy old dowager with a three-bladed knife is one of the few things that gets me through that half hour of cardio.


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