globalFEST at Webster Hall

The 8th annual globalFEST makes its New York stop this Sunday, January 9, bringing global musicians and acts to the stage in order to expand the horizons of both the performers and the audience, and to help break in everyone’s dancin’ shoes.  Both first-time artists and globalFEST alums, hailing from all manner of faraway lands (we’re talking India, Peru, Senegal, Egypt, The Congo, Hawaii, Mali, France and mas more) will be rocking the paint off the walls of Webster Hall’s three varied performance spaces: the classy main stage, complete with a balcony and proper seats; the smaller cafe-style lounge; and the packed dance floor/bar area, which is where you’ll be most likely to find the HE crew, showing off our moves and stuff.  The theme for this year’s FEST is Unexpected Trends, Emerging Hybrids and Edgy Roots, so expect to see some surprising collisions between traditional sacred song and improvisational, emotionally driven riffs.  Powerful stuff, not to be missed, and certainly a good way to stay off the slushy streets.  For more information, and for a complete schedule and list of the 13 participants, visit globalFEST NYC website, and go here for tickets, which are $40 ($35 for members of World Music Institute).

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