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150 Secrets at Joe’s Pub

Last night I read a part of my forthcoming NIN book as part of the Happy Endings Series. Part of the series’ form is that each reader must perform a “risk,” so I decided that I would write down 150 of my secrets, print them, cut them into individual strips, and pass them out. After my reading, which seemed to go over well even with a heavy theme, I conducted the whole room reading these secrets simultaniously. The Happy Ending audience is into experience art, I can tell, and so the crowd was thunderously loud and it was incredibly terrifying for 10 seconds to hear various bits of long hidden secrets rise up over the din and threaten to be heard whole.

I read with Sirs Rob Sheffield (who played excellent uku to “You Are So Beautiful”) and Alec Bemis (whose risk worked well given my NIN theme and Rob’s reading about Catholic sleepover camp, see below). We were sandwiched between short sets by My Brightest Diamond. Shara played a great set dressed fin de siecle Parisianne garb, her voice a magnificent thing.

I was terrified that some blogger might post my secrets today, but instead found this wonderful surprise: ink drawings made by Michael Arthur. Whoa! I’m honored.
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