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Carl Wilson is going to be on the Colbert Report on March 4th, which competes with the Happy Ending Series’, Temporary New Yorker Night at Joe’s Pub, but since The Colbert Report isn’t on until 11:30 and Happy Ending starts at 7pm, you’re allowed to do both.

And should.

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and his book

which is about

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2 responses to “FRANCO-GATE”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Sunday, Feb 22, 2009, 3:14 PM, Ferguson backyard.

    After a lunch of cracked crab, curly-q french fries, and peach cobbler, Craig and Megan settled in for a game of Boggle. Fun for Craig that is b/c he’s really good. Not so much for Megan who ain’t the brightest bulb in the knife drawer. Craig’s kicking ass and with every game he wins, Megan’s mood sours. I think at this very moment she’s realizing how much of a mismatch they are: socially, personally, romantically, and Boggle-ly. She looks as if she’s about to cry and this makes me sad. At one point Megan excuses herself to go to the bathroom and while she’s gone, Craig starts to futz around with her tiles. When she comes back the game resumes and it’s here that she starts to kick Craig’s ass. It’s almost as if he’s losing on purpose. He neglects to question the words she comes up with and puts in a convincing performance at losing badly. One, two, five, eleven games in a row she wins and with each one her mood brightens considerably. After an hour or so she’s declared the victor and at this she lights up like a Christmas Tree. (or a Hanukkah Bush for those of you that are of the Jewish persuasion) I swear in the eight weeks I’ve been here (off and on, Amanda as I do have a life back in Brooklyn) I haven’t seen Megan so joyous. She jumps up and gives Craig a kiss and it’s quite lovely actually. I mean he cheated so she could win and feel better about herself. And the look on his face at how thrilled she was to win at Boggle was something I could never forget. What a guy! How sweet do I feel to witness this! And how guilty do I feel (more than usual) about what I’m doing here. Craig and Megan seem like they’re truly, madly and deeply in love and here I am putting most of my life on hold so I can destroy this love. Is this right? I mean love doesn’t come along everyday and even when it does it often times don’t even hang around all that long. Maybe these two kids belong together and what we’re doing here is wrong. I’m starting to wonder how long I can go on with this. To the best of my knowledge, Amanda I haven’t asked for much from you here. Maybe now is the time I do.

    Operation Craigan is in doubt! Thoughts?

  2. Amanda Stern Avatar
    Amanda Stern

    Anonymous! So sorry for the long delay. I’ve been in bed for a month surrounded by a bereavement circle. It seems as though Craig and Megan ARE well-suited to one another and I must let him go. I needed all this time to flush him out of my system. I believed I was free and clear of him, but recently I was informed he’ll be at BEA in June. My heart strings were tugged and I’m bursting with anticipation and joy at the prospect of winning his heart in person. I’m giving this one more go, and if I fail, then okay. I will give up. For good.

    Anonymous, it is clear you have never played boggle.

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