FISTICUFFS with Drew Dernavich at 92Y

Oh sweet–it’s like professional Pictionary battle royale!  With some improv thrown in! HERS ‘New Yorker Cartoonists Night’-alum Drew Dernavich will be joined by a few other New Yorker friends as well as folks who’ve done animated stuff for Comedy Central and Conan O’Brien for a new cartooon-off called FISTICUFFS on Thursday, November 18 at the 92YTribeca space (downtown), taking audience suggestions and drawing ‘toons on the fly.

I imagine it will be a little like my experience playing this game.  Which means it will be HARD for the participants (and even harder if they keep more drinking white wine thinking it will make them more New Yorkery).  But fun for everyone else to watch!  Get tickets here.

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  1. Jack Pendarvis Avatar
    Jack Pendarvis

    >Please tell your New Yorker friends to draw my cartoon, which is a mime and a lady at a fancy restaurant holding hands across the table and the lady looks sad and she is saying to the mime "We need to talk." Also, my "word verification" in order to post my comment is "hater." What does THAT mean?

  2. Jack Pendarvis Avatar
    Jack Pendarvis

    >PS Also tell them that once I thought of an awesome caption to win their contest but I was in the periodicals room in the library at the University of Mississippi and by the time I picked up the magazine, the deadline for the contest had passed. But it showed a guy in a psychiatrist's office and instead of a couch, the patient was in a little rocket ship, a children's ride such as you might find outside a supermarket, as the analyst looked on, notepad in hand. Here is my "winning" caption, representing the words of the patient, which they never saw: "I want to kill my father and sleep with my mother. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!"

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