Fact: Downward Dogs Improve Children’s Lives

Limber folks and non-toe-touchers alike, surely you’ll indulge me in a Happy Baby for just a moment. Well+Good is joining Bent on Learning, a non-profit organization that offers yoga instruction to NYC school kids in grades K-12, in hosting a very special yoga class on Sunday, January 30 to benefit BOL’s efforts to integrate the practice of yoga into public schools. Eddie Stern, the yogi brother of Happy Ending Amanda, sits on the board of Bent on Learning, and works Warrior One, Two AND Three-like to bring the social, emotional, mental and physical benefits of yoga to our city’s stressed-out youth. I definitely could have used a program like this during my rough-and-tumble school girl days, when I was pulling my hair out building diorama-scale habitats of the arctic fox, and had nothing but rage-evoking games of Dr. Dodge to let off steam, so I give mad props and namastes to Eddie for all the good work he does. Pure Yoga West, a bonafide zen temple of swank, will be hosting the 90-minute heart-opening session, which will be taught by Pure’s head teacher-trainer Kay Kay Clivio. Your bendy efforts will be rewarded after the class by an aromatherapy sampling and trunk show with Hope Gillerman, and Cooler Cleanse will be providing organic pressed juices. Click the jump for more details on registration and donation.

Sunday, January 30, 2011, 3:00-5:00 p.m. 
At Pure Yoga West
204 West 77th Street, at Amsterdam, 212-877-2025

Minimum suggested donation: $15 to Bent On Learning
Well+Good is asking all participants to donate a minimum of $15 to Bent on Learning. You can make this donation before the class now at BentOnLearning.org or bring cash the day of the event. Please bring the exact amount you wish to donate; we will not be able to make change.
All participants must RSVP to workoutwithus@wellandgoodnyc.comThis exclusive event is limited to 40 participants. If you’re RSVPing for a friend, please also provide her/his first and last name as well as an email address. We will send all participants a confirmation e-mail.
 Please contact Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula if you have any questions about the event at info@wellandgoodnyc.com. See you on Sunday, January 30, 2011.

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