Sufjan Stevens, originally uploaded by Nicole Rork.

Okay, I’m not quite sure how to put this other than:

“Hi. My name is Mrs. Amanda Sufjan Stevens.”

Yes, I’ll suffer the initials, ASS. I don’t give a shit. I mean…

Listen, this has nothing to do with Happy Ending and everything to do with culture. Please – go see the BQE project at BAM.

I met Sufjan Stevens tonight – and will be pairing with his record label, Asthmatic Kitty in the near future for a Happy Ending extravaganza – but before that, I really need you to go see this BAM project. It’s truly unbelievable. I’d go as far as to say that I think it’s an important commission. Truly, this is one of the best pieces of live performance I’ve seen in a long while.

And big shout-outs to Happy Ending veterans: Olivier Manchon and Alan Watson for playing in the orchestra. You guys were shining.



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