Emergencies Only

Please, people! I don’t know what you think I do with my time, but I can assure you, it is not spent slacking off. I am working on my novel and I am working hard. You don’t understand how hard I am working. I had to leave town in order to get done what I need to get done. I cannot be in town and do all that needs doing. Please, shut your eyes and imagine one person doing three full time jobs at once, now picture me. That is what I am doing as you read this. I am out of town doing the work of ten women and not one thing else. I need you to respect my urgent need for solitude in order for me to work on my goddamn novel! Please. Thank you.


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    I guessing these are pictures of you Amanda ?. If so, I love the last/bottom picture as it makes you look very sexy, And shows off your small perky boobs. I these pictures are not you, Then ooops.

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