Don’t Go in the Crazy Car

I’ve been a very bad blogger and for that I apologize. My absence is due to many things, most of them sad, but the un-sad ones include working on a new integrated website where a new and improved blog will appear. Hopefully I’ll be unveiling that in the next few weeks. Until then, check back in for random things Kayla Morse (Classy) and I like and want to champion. Like Olof Arnalds.

Also, this is a total aside, but I bought a Danelectro guitar and I am very, very obsessed with it. I am teaching myself how to play and my new goal is to learn a song well enough to play it at Happy Ending. See, I take risks, too! I won’t sing, though. I am happy to risk my own life, but I would never risk yours…

Listen here. I love Olof Arnalds, and so should you….


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