Does Reading At the Happy Ending Series Cause Insomnia?

Roll to 2:27 to see Laurie Sandell, HERS alum, discuss her Ambien addiction. I will take no credit for running a series that causes pre-performance anxiety causing insomnia in some and Ambien addiction in others. Well, let me clear this up – I WILL take credit for this, IF and only if, Laurie’s Ambien addiction (or anyone else’s for that matter) gets the Happy Ending Series some National coverage. Then of course, I will take credit for Laurie’s Ambien addiction, (which occurred four years before her appearance at Happy Ending and therefore doesn’t correlate at all.) Have a look below at my camera-ready friend…


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  1. Laurie S. Avatar
    Laurie S.

    It does correlate because, if you recall, I read at Happy Ending in a much earlier incarnation of the series. Shortly after that, I started to experience insomnia which led to addiction.

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