David Small’s comment and I are engaged to be married!

Okay, now things are really heating up over here.

Yesterday, I was engaged to marry “Stitches,” a phenomenal graphic memoir drawn and written by David Small. Then, David left the loveliest comment under my blog post about my engagement that I have cancelled my wedding to “Stitches,” and have become fianced to his comment. David Small’s comment and I will be getting married as soon as he leaves me enough comments to print out so I can wear a paper wedding dress made of his comments to show my commitment to his words.

MY EX-FIANCE (but we remain really good friends)


(On a side note, I really need to read Time Out NY more because as I was casually flipping through it yesterday, I noticed that I missed the pairing of the century! David Small and Jules Feiffer (who took me to lunch about a year ago and who I lost touch with because I was so intimidated by him) at MacNally Jackson!)


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