David Rakoff

I believe that I am always sick. I believe this because I am always sick. When one is always sick they will begin to believe that they are always sick and this is because they are always sick. Enter David Rakoff. David is the kind of person who, no matter how many times you complain about a real or imagined illness, he will, next day, call your machine and leave you the name, phone number and address of his doctor. Some of us (one of us) are sick in more than physical ways, and therefore it takes some of us (one of us) a while to get around to pressing seven sticking numbers on the digital handset. After more than a decade of believing I have the diseases each hack specialist tells me I have (I’m endlessly accomodating), I believe I have found my very own Trapper John, M.D. David Rakoff truly does know about miracles, Little House on the Prairie Illnesses, Doc Baker, and the little white pills that stop them kids from flopping. All hail Dr. Engel and his nurse practitioners. But mainly hail, Rakoff. Surgeon General of Amanda Stern.


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