Dark Was the Night

Fifteen years ago, I worked on a Breeders video (Iris) for the No Alternative compilation, to benefit the Red Hot organization. Hal Hartley directed the video (Hi Hal!) starring Parker Posey and Sabrina Lloyd. I was a big Breeders fan, but I’d never heard of Red Hot. In time, my love for Red Hot far exceeded my love for the Breeders (there’s still love, it’s just, well — dwarfed).

Now there’s a new one compilation – their 20th release to celebrate their 20th year – and it’s unbearably good.

The National‘s, Aaron and Bryce Dessner produced Dark Was the Night to benefit the Red Hot Charity. It’s a double cd format (there are other formats, as well which you can find on their site). I’ve been listening to non-stop for a week. It’s one of the best purchases you can make. If you don’t believe me, consider what Red Hot does (read below) and then scroll down further and go listen to the three songs that represent the quality of all THIRTY ONE songs (that’s right, peeps — 31).

The Red Hot Organization is the leading international organization dedicated to fighting AIDS through pop culture.

Since 1989, Red Hot has produced fourteen groundbreaking albums, related television programs and media events incorporating the talents of leading performers, visual artists, producers and directors to raise funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS.

To date, these efforts have donated nearly 7 million dollars for AIDS relief around the world.


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