Dan and Vanessa spotted fakely at the Happy Ending Series

Google alerts sent me this

Spotted: B and Dorota at the makeup counter of Bendel’s. They were picking up lots of foundation and red lipstick. We’re assuming it’s for the play. B’s skin is too perfect for all that cover up. D(an) and V(anessa) at the Happy Ending Music and Reading Series with Glen Hansard at Joe’s Pub. N putting up lacrosse flyers around the halls of St. Jude’s. Yay! Spring time is almost here (um, I guess it doesn’t matter that there’s snow on the ground…). The hottest guys play lacrosse! J at Mood Fabrics. No, she’s not putting together another guerilla fashion show (though I secretly wish she was – it was so cool!). J is the costume mistress for the play. Boring. S, C, E and Lily dining at JoJo on the UES. Aww, don’t you love van der Bass QT?


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