Founded, curated, hosted and produced by Amanda Stern

Chosen by New York Magazine, The Village Voice and NY Press as the best reading series in NYC, and singled out by the New York Times Magazine for helping to “Keep downtown, NY alive,” The Happy Ending Series features the most interesting storytellers, writers, musicians, raconteurs and personalities, and requires the readers to take one public risk, while the musicians, who perform two short sets with their original, lyric-driven music, are required to play one cover song and try to get the audience to sing along.


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“A local staple”
– Time Out NY

The New York Times Magazine (“Downtown” issue 9.10.06) has pegged Amanda as an impresario and “New Bohemian” who is “keeping downtown alive.” Have a look HERE, online, at the slide show

“Wildly popular”
– New York Magazine

“Best crowds… most fun…the guests are consistently amazing…”
– NY Press

“Amanda Stern…impresario helping to keep downtown, New York alive.”
– The New York Times Magazine

“…Always excellent.” – The Village Voice

 “It is a great place for stories.  I loved it.” – Ron Carlson

“Amanda Stern is a badass and a legend, and Happy Ending Reading Series kicks your reading series ass.  She’s grown this little downtown shindig into an extravaganza, and it is a delight to be a part of it every time.” – Elizabeth Crane

“Being on the Happy Ending stage is the closest to being a rock star a writer is going to get. Get on it, see it, be it.” – Padgett Powell

“there’s simply no reading series that does it better or more consistently than Happy Ending.” – Joshua Ferris

“Literary readings are often rather lugubrious affairs but Amanda Stern has found a way to completely re-invigorate the form. The Happy Ending series is the liveliest, most interesting cultural program of its kind in NYC.”  – Zoe Heller

 I’ve rarely felt so comfortable reading as I did reading at Happy Ending. Also, I’m pretty sure this unique series is the only one that would allow me to give away a live goldfish. – Sloane Crosley

 “I’m always happy to perform at the Happy Ending reading series.  I’m happy at the beginning of the show and at the end of the show.  Not to mention the middle.  All in all, from start to finish, it’s always a great experience!” — Jonathan Ames   

“Happy Ending is the best reading series in New York, and probably the country. It’s an essential part of the literary world. Add in music and the unusual feats of bravery required of the readers, and you have the perfect night of entertainment.” – Darin Strauss

“The Happy Ending series has become a crucial feature of New York’s literary culture thanks to the prodigious effort, imagination, and good humor of its impresario and host, Amanda Stern.” – Matthew Sharpe

 “I loved it. I wish you would have me back. It’s a great evening.” – Adam Rapp