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  • GUEST POST, PT 4: Lisa Dierbeck

    In this installment of Lisa Dierbeck‘s guest blogger series here on the Happy Ending blog, Lisa brings you the Four Horsemen of the [Publishing] Apocalypse, here just in time for the holidays.  Four harbingers of hardback doom that double as reasons the small, independent publisher is both wholly necessary right now and possibly staring down its […]

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  • GUEST POST: READ IMMEDIATELY, a message from Lisa Dierbeck

    Urgent updates on the state of publishing, from the author of the novel The Autobiography of Jenny X, Lisa Dierbeck.  Waste no time: read on, get excited, take a risk.  For those of you who don’t know, Lisa is a member of the brand-spankin-new but long-needed publishing outfit Mischief + Mayhem, and neither she nor […]

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