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    Drive / Hayden’s Ferry Review This Side of Houston / Spinning Jenny Dear you Dog Soldiers Jacob One Night Stand

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    The First Thing about Raising Babies / No News Today  How We Rise / Joyland  Getting Rid of the Clown / Fivechapters State of Emergency / St. Ann’s Review Gravity of a Gray World / Salt Hill Amanda Stern and Kevin Canty wrote a short story together for The Journal News as part of the TAG-TEAM […]

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  • By Amanda Stern

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    Interview with Laurie Anderson in Confidence, or the Appearance of Confidence: The Best Believer Music Interviews edited by Vendela Vida and Ross Simonini / Believer Books  Forthcoming essay in / Women in Clothes: Why We Wear What We Wear edited by Sheila Heti, Leanne Shapton and Heidi Julavits / Blue Rider Press Acting Lessons / The Marijuana […]

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    Forthcoming articles at Oprah.com “The Connector” for Heleo, 2016 Satirical book review for Salon, 2015 Matthew Hussey Interview Salon, 2015 Still Looking about the disappearance of Etan Patz New York Post Lorenzo Izzo interview for Interview Magazine, 10/2015 20 articles for Cafe.com (oddly, this site is now called “Scary Mommy). 2014 Laurie Anderson, An Interview for The Believer Magazine, 1/12/12 […]

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