Happy Father’s Day from Happy Ending

It’s Father’s Day, so I thought I’d do a post about some of my favorite famous/infamous literary fathers. Who are my favorite literary pops? Good question. And Google definitely has the answer. But when I Googled “famous/infamous literary fathers,” a big mess of links, dated today, turned up, directing me to the lists of bloggers who had the idea before I did. And boy, is it a big day for Atticus Finch, who tops approximately 98% of today’s lists.
Well, my dad always taught me to have a Plan B, so, while I’m as big a fan of Barrister Finch as anyone, today I give you a list of some less traditional literary fathers. Enjoy, and don’t forget to call Dear Old Dad!

1. Brad Pitt, from that one issue of W Magazine.
Even before he had kids, Brad Pitt was the ultimate package: looks, talent, money galore. You’d think that’d be enough, right? That it would be too much to ask for him to be a dynamite father of, like, 36 on top of everything? Not so! Brad Pitt is a devoted, crazy hot family man, and for this, and for his stunning/mesmerizing work in that one issue of W a few years back, which both alluded to and re-imagined a bygone era of suburban idealism, he gets our #1 spot.
2. This Guy, from the Fatherhood: Encouragement and Guidance pamphlet.
This guy makes fatherhood look like a breeze! This pamphlet is a must-read for anyone who is considering procreation. Among other strengths, it has great character arc (literally!). It takes a certain kind of dad to take the terror out of learning how to fly, and this guy has the touch. Look at how strong his arms are, and how perpendicular he holds his child. Notice how he keeps his forehead just out of reach of those little baby hands, thereby encouraging and guiding his son to keep reaching for his dreams. 
3. Papa Bear from The Bearenstain Bears
Last but not least is Papa Bear Bearenstain, who practically tucked me in every night growing up. He wears overalls like a pro and is always ready with some moral or another, plus I’m pretty sure he’ll never go bald, and, as we learned from our Numero Uno pick, it’s ideal to have a handsome father. Don’t believe me? Here’s his bio from his very own, very literary, website:

World’s greatest expert on almost everything. He is often wrong but never in doubt. He is a woodsbear and rough carpenter –very rough. He loves his family with all his might and since he is a bear, that is a lot of might.

Hear that? Very rough. Emphasis not mine.


Shh…It’s the Happy Ending 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

(Oy! Top -secret-stealth-Christmas-themed post here from Happy Ending rookie, Liz.)
Hi. I’m Liz, the new intern. I’m psyched to be blogging here, and to be serving as Amanda Stern’s body double for various things, such as setting her mic up at shows and trading clothes. Speaking of Amanda, I’m writing to you from behind the back of our favorite HE Founder/Lactose Intolerant Jew to bring you the 2010 Happy Ending Holiday gift guide! Because, if you’re like me, you haven’t purchased a single present. And if you’re like Amanda, then you’re so obsessed with your new guitar right now that your only gift ideas this season are…more guitars. Not to worry. I’ve found some killer stuff that will make you look like a genius. A thoughtful genius. Plus everything’s online and ready to ship. Happy endings are guaranteed.

Not the white whale, but this lovely chart from Evolution NYC is sure to charm the books right off the shelves of the Melville-head in your life. $98.

I died from cuteness when I found this gem. This baby’s good for babies (it’s the perfect size for itty bitty things), but also works for sullen teenagers, hip moms, hunting dads, whimsical grandparents, and everyone in between. Peruse the rest of the Future Perfect site for more inspiration. $58.

For all those writers in your life who won’t shut up about their novel… $25.

…and for the risk takers who keep re-breaking the same tibia. Everything you’ll need to keep them safe and sound. $89.

Tell your biking boyfriend or girlfriend you got this for them so you could hear them coming from a mile away. Ding! $25.
A charming little garment to garnish the hostess. $65.
Artisan butters with flavors like Bing Cherry and Roasted Garlic Tarragon, with label art inspired by former first ladies? How could you go wrong? Just don’t give one to Amanda. Remember, she’s lactose intolerant.
A little dark comedy to lighten up your favorite depressed person’s work space. $120.
Beautiful coffee tables books for the non-verbal. $31.50 & $31.79
A beautiful “soundbox” that plays endless ambient loops. This is not your mama’s white noise machine. But it could be. Good for mama’s, musicians, zen-like workers, and troublesome sleepers. $27.
Buy one! Buy a million! Moby says you can never have too many. Email Kayla Morse to get yours! Kayla@thehappyendingseries.com