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I have been a delinquent poster. Due to guilt, I feel I must post something, but due to time constraints, I can’t take as much time as I’d like. So, here is my update in list form:

Here are some things I’ve been thinking about recently:

1. A band called Lucius
2. A musician named Daniel Knox.
3. How much I love John Cameron Mitchell
4. How easy it is to crash a party that costs $25 at the door
5. How confounding it is to be confused by stories I am making up.
6. Vitamins because I’ve started taking them
7. My guitar because I miss playing it.
8. How much I want a Proenza Schouler PS 1 bag and how much I can’t afford it
9. How obscenely expensive material goods can be
10. Jay Brannan
11. All the projects I want to start

All right. I must go work so I’ll leave you with songs from the three musicians I mentioned in my list.

LUCIUS (these guys just played Happy Ending on Wednesday and they killed it. Encore and all. They weren’t going to play this song, but it’s my favorite and I made them. Ah, power. Delicious power.)

JAY BRANNAN (he talks a lot, but it’s so damn charming, and sweet and funny, that you should just suck it up and watch it all. I like this guy for a lot of reasons, among them his ability to draw his audience in with his winning, self-effacing ways and then keep you there by his truly honest songs.)

DANIEL KNOX (I pretend that I discovered this guy, because I sort of did, although technically, I did not).


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