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Instead of writing a post in the post section, I wrote it in the comment section. Please have a look at the comment…



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  1. I’m new to this whole blogging thing. I’ve been told it’s bad form to make fun of other blogs, of people who tell you about their every conquered pose in yoga class and…well, if I got more specific I suppose it would become bad form. However, no one has ever told me if it’s bad form to write your post in the comment section instead of in the post. Has anyone gotten all David Foster Wallace in the comment windows? I’m sure they have. I just don’t know about them. Do you?

    So here’s today’s post in the comments section:

    Last night L and I discovered a secret bar in our neighborhood. It’s hidden behind a sushi restaurant and you have to knock, and if they like the look of you, they’ll let you in. L was nervous we wouldn’t make the cut, but I assured her we would. I’m an ex-club kid from NYC, I wrote the pamphlet on getting into clubs (of course the copyright on this invisible pamphlet is 1984 so I actually don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s all hubris). The bouncer lets us in, we have a drink at the bar, talk to the bartender whose name we tried to guess and failed. It wasn’t crowded, in fact there was about a half hour when we were the only ones there. But then other people come and I start to look around and I start to wonder how I would respond if I saw a 14 year old in a bar or a club. Back then, when I was going to bars and clubs I was always, without fail, the youngest and the adults thought it was so cute and gave me access to things I would never give a kid access to, but I felt privileged. I was privileged in a sense. I was at clubs constantly, knew all the bouncers, all the bartenders, dated some of them, lost my virginity in the East Village apartment of the bouncer from The Saint (but not by him), but I was 14 and I probably looked about 10, but everyone thought it was cute and so naturally, it felt cute and I was insulted when a stranger who was new to a club questioned what I was doing at Area or The World or Save the Robots on a school night after 2 in the morning. So I wonder sometimes what would happen, what would I do if I saw a version of myself now at 14 in a bar? Would I leave her alone? Try and have a conversation? Tell the bouncer to get rid of her? What would I do? What would you do?

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