Buy a Book, Save a Bookstore!

Tin House is doing something awesome for their Fall Reading Period. If you send them a receipt for a purchased book (any book!!) from a real live bookstore (any bookstore!!) you have the opportunity to submit your unsolicited manuscript.

Can’t afford a book? Under house arrest? Phobia of someone else’s printed page? Loving on your Kindle too hard to buy the real deal? No problem! Just get creative (which shouldn’t be too hard if you’ve already written a manuscript). Write a haiku or a simple sentence explaining WHY, and Tin House will consider that, too.

In addition, writers can videotape, film, paint, photograph, animate or Tweet (or really anything else) the book-buying process. If you get clever, Tin House might use it on their site.

Still trying to figure out the downside to this? Keep trying. Take your time. I’ll be making some excessive book purchases. Oh yeah, and writing a manuscript.


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