Studio space ain’t always easy to find in Brooklyn, because even though there’s a kajillion empty buildings, not everyone’s thrilled to rent communal space out to a constantly shifting crew of mess-makers, or they did and some enterprising artiste has already come in and slapped a high rent on its usage.  Really, I don’t know anyone in Brooklyn who has an extra $400 bucks a month to spend on some 10×10 windowless art box, but that seems to be the expectation.

So it’s always nice to find a group like the Brooklyn Artists’ Gym that seems to genuinely want to create an affordable, safe space in which to create art, and to have in-house classes thrown in to boot!  Not bad at all.  At BAG, membership is $199, and this past summer they’ve had super-cheap classes that range from craft basics (canvas building) to workshops on ‘Ideas and Installations.’  Neat!

Brooklyn Artists Gym from Suzanne Glickstein on Vimeo.

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