Brain Hurt/Soul Hurts: A Night at the Movies!

Alright people, you have 4 hours left to buy tickets to Gaspar Noe’s 2-hour and 45-minute long really, really bad trip “ENTER THE VOID” (like a trip so bad you die at the BEGINNING of it), showing at IFC for one last screening tonight.  I went last night, and then my body + eyeballs asked me if they could sleep for the next 23 hours, please.  Didn’t let them, and have been experiencing vivid flashbacks of the film all day as a result.  I’m pretty fond of movies that people either love or hate, and I definitely think this is one of them–

so go form a strong opinion tonight, this one isn’t made for the small screen!

Showing: 8:40pm
Tickets: $14 (yeowza, I know, but 2.75 hours of movie is a lot of movie)


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