Bombs and Heroes

I’m not sure why, but I hold great disdain for the word, “hero,” as pertains to people I admire. When people ask me who my “idols” are, or whom I “worship,” the answer is always, “No one.” But, I do have endless admiration and respect for several artists. One person I have so much respect and admiration, held steadily since I was eight, that when I had the chance to go backstage and meet him, I fled and stood numbly in the shampoo aisle of the nearest Duane Reade, before heading home and into hiding in my bed. That person is:

The other artists that I hold a life-long, or at least a decade-long admiration for I’ve been incredibly lucky to have met: Joan Didion, James Salter, Lou Reed (he sat in the Happy Ending audience when Laurie Anderson performed) and Denis Johnson. The others are dead.

Tonight, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, among others, are being honored at the BOMB Gala. I was lucky to be there last year (luckier still to have a nice conversation with “Sasha” Baryshnikov). But, no such luck this year. Tonight is my 5 year high school reunion. Okay, maybe not 5. Maybe 5 times another single digit, and I will miss out on all the BOMB fun, but you should not! If you have the means, and if there is still room, definitely try and go to this. It’s wildly fun.


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