Blogplay with Hal Hartley

Hartley visits this mysterious room in Spain and writes about it for his new screenplay blog.


Filmmaker and Happy Ending alum Hal Hartley has a cool new blog. Do you read it? It’s written as a screenplay in installments, with each entry fictionalizing, sensationalizing, and making art out of Hartley’s adventures out in the real world. I like to call it a “blogplay.” The blogplay has everything a great film has–romance, surprise, action, adventure, asides, and spontaneity to the max–with the suspense and charm of a serialized Dickens read to boot. Plus, ever since I’ve been reading it, I keep getting inspired in really awesome ways to translate every experience I have–stuck on the subway, student says something surprising in class, writer’s block forever–into something as beautiful and dramatic as a Hal Hartley film. The ongoing blogplay is available in “episodes” on the Possible Films website, including Hartley’s latest installment, Episode 7: Franklin & Hal in Spain, Pt. 1.   

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