Bent on This!

My brother (he’s the baldie in the pink shirt) is on the board of BENT ON LEARNING, a program that offers instruction in yoga and meditation to students in grades K through 12 in New York City public schools and youth centers as a means of reducing stress and improving concentration, self-esteem and overall health. Last night there was a benefit hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow and sponsored by Alice + Olivia and Urban Zen. A bunch of tabloid television shows covered the event. You can watch my bald-headed brother tonight on these four shows.

Entertainment Tonight – CBS @ 7:30PM

The Insider – CBS @ 7PM

Access Hollywood – NBC @ 7:30PM

Extra – NBC @ 5:30PM

BELOW: a few of the guests (if you don’t recognize me, I’m the blonde one directly below this sentence. I look very different at night).

The photographers didn’t care so much for the men, I guess, and to that end, I’ve decided to put together my own gala to celebrate and honor just a couple of them. Nothing fancy. Probably at my place.


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