Banging the Summer Away

I’m lame and I missed the opportunity to tell you about Bang on a Can‘s 6-hour “adventurous music” marathon at Mass MoCA, hosted July 31st. I may have been camping upstate when it took place, there may have been beer involved. Needless to say, no timely blogging. Or we could just pretend this is a post advising you to attend next year’s Summer Festival, in which case, SO TIMELY.

Fortunately, though, Bang on a Can never sleeps, meaning they have a ton of awesome, still-summery events coming up. On Aug. 4-8th, BoaC’s Asphalt Orchestra plays Lincoln Center Out of Doors, premiering work by David Byrne, Yoko Ono and St. Vincent, in addition to a collab between Asphalt and the Paul Taylor dance company, Taylor 2.
On August 8th, BoaC and Noguchi Museum host Evan Ziporyn, and on Sept. 12th, they host HERS-alum Tristan Perich, of tiny-baby-piano and computer-chip-saxophone fame. Rally and make the trek to Long Island City–it’ll be worth it!
Oh, and for one more tie-in, Happy Ending is hosting its own special show at MASSMoCA on October 30th. If you can make it to Long Island City, I’m sure you can make it to Massachusetts…


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