Who needs editing when you can write a story and see it in a printed glossy 24 hours later, amiright? Instant gratification! That’s what summer’s all about! That’s also what 48 Hour Magazine is all about–here’s the skinny from their site:

Here’s how it works: Issue Zero begins May 7th. We’ll unveil a theme and you’ll have 24 hours to produce and submit your work. We’ll take the next 24 to snip, mash and gild it. The end results will be a shiny website and a beautiful glossy paper magazine, delivered right to your old-fashioned mailbox. We promise it will be insane. Better yet, it might even work.

What I like about this is that it removes the potential for what I got my BA in: The Intersection of Procrastination and the Female Brain.
Good luck, guys!

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