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At one point this summer, I turned to some young writer friends and said very excitedly, “What people need right now is a legit venue for fiction of uncomfortable sizes–the novellas and half-pagers of the world!” 

So maybe I hadn’t done my/even a tiny little bit of research.

Allow me to be schooled by Featherproof Books, a press that’s been taking care of that since 2005.  Not only do they publish beautiful full-length (whatever that means…right?) books, but they also have free printable mini-books that are about 13 text pages long, and now they have an Iphone app that sends 333-word stories to your beloved little device.  Aaaaand you can subscribe at Paperegg and they’ll send you multiple books a year just because they like you (and you gave them $20).  Hello Christkwanzukkah gift that keeps on giving!

Next on Featherproof’s paper slab is a book by Lindsay Hunter, hostess of the QUICKIES! reading series in Chicago.  While you wait for that, go ahead and hook yourself up with a free mini-book and some arts&crafts time.


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