And then I became a Producer…

I cannot do anything half way. Even if the end result sucks, I have put in more than was required. It’s no different with getting the series ready for Joe’s Pub. I’m making a film to screen onstage, hand-making the playbills, trying to find sponsors, tie-ins, give-aways, printing up more tshirts, building databases, trying to figure out who represents which musician and how to get to them. I’ve been running this series for five years, but it’s like it’s brand new again and I’m trying to feel my way through. I realized the other day that I haven’t been writing at all. I’ve just been working on this event and am losing sight of what it is that I do. Am I a writer? A producer? Am I both? I am looking forward to the day, months in when this doesn’t feel so overwhelming, but just part of what I do. Kind of how I have felt these past five years…



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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    So I buried my pais under a black wool cap and attended the show last night. And, I had a splendid time! It’s safe to say that my massive crush on you is in tact. (Too bad about the break-up. He probably couldn’t handle you anyway)

  2. Hmmm…very intriguing. Why do people with crushes hide?

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